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Cached Invoices for WHMCS 8x [PHP 8.1-8.2]


Hi there, We're thrilled to share some exciting news with you - the latest release of the Cached Invoices Module, version 23.11.26, is now available! What's new in version 23.11.26: Enhanced Compatibility:  This update brings full compatibility with WHMCS 8.x and PHP versions 8.1 to 8.2, ensuring a seamless experience for all users. Company Data Caching:  We're...

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*** WHMCS modules update ***


New versions of the M-BIT addon modules for WHMCS are ready for download. New versions bring a fix for the error caused by the license validation problem (we have changed our web server address). If you have any problems with the new versions, please open a support ticket.

Promjene u poslovanju M-BITa i ukidanje Teamspeak usluge


Poštovani korisnici, obavještavamo Vas da nakon gotovo 8 godina licenciranog rada s Teamspeak serverima M-BIT ukida Teamspeak hosting kao uslugu. S obzirom na to da smo već dulje vrijeme fokusirani na potpuno drugačiji tip usluga, a Teamspeak nudimo više iz sentimentalnih razloga, došlo je vrijeme da se pozdravimo s Teamspeakom. Osim gore navedenog, razlozi za prekid pružanja usluge su:...

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Teamspeak 3 server upgrade to version


We will be performing an update of our Teamspeak 3 servers today, betwen 11AM and 11:30AM (CET). Please have in mind that the update procedure requires at least one server restart, so don't be alarmed if your server goes down in the mentioned time period. If you begin to experience any problems with your server after the upgrade, please contact our support.

WHMCS Hosting Quota Notification Addon Module ver. 2.3 - bugfix release


WHMCS Hosting Quota Notification Addon Module ver. 2.3 is now available for download.   To find out more about this module visit For a full changelog visit

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M-BIT Fix Due Dates WHMCS Addon Module 1.3 is out


A new version (1.3) of M-BIT Fix due dates WHMCS addon module is now ready for download. This addon module automatically detects late payments and fixes the dates, not only for the service/domain but for the invoices also! If some user pays the invoice a few days late, why should he have those few days stripped away from him and why should you have to manually correct the dates on the...

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Cached Invoices WHMCS module version 2.1 is out


A new version of the Cached Invoices WHMCS addon module is now available for download. New version (2.1) brings two important changes: NEW: no need to manually choose an admin account with API permissions FIXED: memory error on some PHP versions, related to invoice caching when user has different billing contact Please read the  guide on upgrading the Cached invoices...

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Teamspeak server maintenance


Poštovani korisnici, obavještavamo vas da će Teamspeak serveri danas biti nedostupni određeno vrijeme zbog radova na samom serveru... NOVO (13:30): Radovi su dovršeni i serveri su spremni za upotrebu.

All clients must use version or newer to connect to M-BIT servers


Due to RFI vulnerability M-BIT has changed the minimum desktop client version required to connect to our servers. All clients must use version or newer. Unfortunately this will also prevent mobile clients to connect to our servers, for now.

WHMCS Hosting Quota Notification Addon Module ver. 2.0 - now V6 compatible


WHMCS Hosting Quota Notification Addon Module ver. 2.0 is now available. The module is now WHMCS 6 ready and is compatible with all WHMCS releases since 5.0   To find out more about this module visit For a full changelog visit...

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