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How can i use custom icons for my channels?

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WARNING: all icons must be exactly 16*16 pixels, and the file itself cannot be larger than 8 kB

To change the channel icon, follow these steps:



Right-click the channel you wish to set the icon for and click the Edit Channel option.

A new window will open. Click the arrow next to the ICON: and choose the EDIT ICON option

A new window will open. The ICONS window shows all the icons you have stored on your server. On the right side you can see the predefined icons that are available to each installed server.
What you're interested in is the left REMOTE field which contains your custom icons uploaded to your Teamspeak 3 server.
Since that is empty on a new server, click the UPLOAD button.

Now find your icon and select it and click Open...

Don't forget!

  • It has to be under 8 kB
  • It needs to be 16x16 pixels

You should now see your new icon on the left side of the ICONS window
Simply double-click the new icon..

...and click the OK button to save the new channel settings...

...and enjoy your new channel icon :-)

Remember, all of the icons you upload for any channel stay on the server, available to any other channel you wish to assign icons to.

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