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Cached invoices addon module CHANGELOG

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Version 2.2 (February 5th 2016.)

  • NEW: changed license verification functions

Version 2.1 (November 30th 2015.)

  • NEW: the module now automatically uses the first admin account with an API acces it can find in the DB
  • FIXED: memory problems for some PHP versions when caching invoices with separate billing contacts

Version 2.0 (August 23
rd 2015.)

  • NEW: the module is now WHMCS ver. 6 ready and is compatible both with ver. 5 and ver. 6
  • NEW: FTP upload option is added to the module for invoice backup

Version 1.4.1 (June 13
th 2015.)

  • FIXED: client data not being showed on some PDF invoices generated at WHMCS cron job run

Version 1.4 (June 2nd 2015.)

  • NEW: small changes to several functions (compatibility issues)
  • FIXED: wrong user language displayed on the invoice editing page when user had the language option set to "Default" [module tools page]

Version 1.3 (March 27th 2015.)

  • NEW: the invoices page in the client area now shows the correct currency and format for every cached invoice on the list [client area - invoices]
  • NEW: if there are more cached invoices in the module database than there are invoices in the system, extra cached invoices will automatically be removed from the module database (happens when invoice gets deleted from whmcs) [module tools page]
  • NEW: if there are more paid PDF invoice files on the disk than there are cached paid invoices, user will see a list of those pdf files in the tools page [module tools page]
  • FIXED: pie chart showing cached and noncached invoices displayed an error id there were more cached invoices in the module database than there were invoices in the system [tools page]
  • ADDED: one new line added to language files

Version 1.2.1 (December 7th 2014.)

  • FIXED: this version should address the particular problem of pages not loading all of the scripts when using HTTPS

Version 1.2 (November 26th 2014.)

  • NEW: you can now cache all the paid invoices that still haven't been saved as PDFs using the PDF Auto-Caching Tool
  • NEW: you can now chose to automatically upload every paid invoice to your Dropbox account as soon as the invoice gets paid
  • FIXED: several translation errors
  • ADDED: new checks inside the functions to prevent problems
  • OTHER: fallback to the WHMCS jQuery version to prevent bugs with some jQuery functions

Version 1.1 (November 17th 2014.)

  • FIXED: cron job creating problems with some functions
  • ADDED: few API functions (you need to set the admin account option on the module Settings page)

Version 1.0 (November 14th 2014.)

  • initial version

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